The ins and outs of KSW and KNW

A number of Kleinmond residents are wondering how Kleinmond Street Watch (KSW) operates and how Kleinmond Night Watch (KNW) fits into the picture. Some quotations from the KSW CONSTITUTION and RULES may clarify matters:

“Street Watch is a community-based non-profit organisation offering opportunities for its members to do community service. It is a group of committed and law-abiding citizens who pro-actively patrol the streets of Kleinmond. Their aim is to assist Overstrand Municipal Law Enforce, the Overstrand Municipal Traffic Department as well as the SAPS with crime prevention by reporting suspicious or criminal activities in the town, thereby serving as the eyes and ears of Overstrand Municipal Law Enforce, the Overstrand Municipal Traffic Department as well as the SAPS.” For more information read our GUIDELINES FOR HOME OWNERS.

“Kleinmond Night Watch is the operational arm of Street Watch. Together with Street Watch it is responsible for organising patrols. Guidelines for patrols, and the organising of shifts and training of volunteers are confidential information and shall not be made known to the general public.”
Membership to KSW is open to the community and the ideal is that every property (residential and business) will join by completing the REGISTRATION FORM. There is no cost involved; however, we do advise members to buy a KSW sign for R15 and display it on their properties.

Members of Kleinmond Street Watch are not automatically members of Kleinmond Night Watch. To join KNW, you need to accept the prescribed CODE OF CONDUCT, sign an INDEMNITY form and obtain police clearance. Members of KNW use their private vehicles to do organised patrols on a regular basis.
Obviously there is considerable cost involved in running KSW and KNW. This is covered by the following article in die constitution: “Members may also be asked to make voluntary donations should a special need arise, such as buying special equipment or covering the costs of members who undertake patrolling duties.”

This is the reason why KSW often calls on its members to support the patrols by either volunteering their services or helping to finance it. Should any member find this to be impossible, their membership of KSW is not affected in any way.

Patrol organisers:

Jan van der Meulen
Cell: 083 470 3899

Sonia Jones
Cell: 082 895 9143