Message from Councillor Grant Cohen

A matter which is often raised to me in my capacity as a newly elected Councillor is crime and the safety of the community. What I can say without hesitation or doubt is that we live in a much safer town thanks to Kleinmond Street Watch.

These hardworking men and women patrol our streets while others sleep, and they never ask for praise or glory. They do it because they care. After sitting in meetings with this group, I decided to join this crew to see for myself how they operate and now I can proudly claim to be one of the patrollers.

I would just like to congratulate the team on the launch of their website and also give them a big THANK YOU for all the hard work they put in. KSW has set an example which new Street Watch areas are now following and this alone is a massive indication of what you have achieved. Here’s to many more years and many more members!

Councillor Grant Cohen

Ward 9 (Kleinmond)