Message from Councillor Fanie Krige

Security is caring

It is eye-opening to realise how much security and charity have in common! As they say about charity, security also begins at home. But after your property and loved ones are secured, you should also remember your neighbour. Who will not call his neighbour late at night to remind him of the garage door he left open? This raises the question: Do you know him and do you know is number? And will you call him for help when you have a problem at your house?
Thank you to an organisation such as Kleinmond Street Watch who helps to break down barriers between neighbours and at the same time builds a safety fence around the community. May this organisation grow from strength to strength and also set an example to other communities.

Fanie Krige

Ward councillor: Ward 10 (Proteadorp, Overhills, Informal Settlement, Betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooiels)