Message from Kleinmond SAPS

The voluntary and selfless efforts of the Street Watch during the last five years played a large role in the prevention of crime in Kleinmond.

In 2014 Kleinmond was plagued by very high crime levels. As most occurred at night and as the police suffered a chronic shortage of manpower, they found the task of combating crime in Kleinmond as well as in other areas such as Betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooi-Els almost impossible.

In September 2014 a group of young business people got together and decided to do something. They started to patrol the streets of Kleinmond at night. Their co-operation with the SAPS led to the apprehension of more than 20 criminals during the first three weeks. Their initiative was taken further by Kleinmond Street Watch, who facilitated the founding of the Kleinmond Night Watch.

Because of Kleinmond Night Watch’s patrols and their co-operation with the SAPS Kleinmond’s crime numbers dropped with one third within the first year. Criminal activity also now occurs mostly during the day.

Kleinmond SAPS wants to thank every person who helps with the patrols as well as those who make financial contributions. This selfless service to help the SAPS to keep Kleinmond a safe place is much appreciated.

Kleinmond Street Watch attends weekly crime meetings with the SAPS where they are informed about crime tendencies. Thank you, Street Watch, for this co-operative management style.